Madelyn and her Mommy

Madelyn and her Mommy
365 days of photos

Monday, February 6, 2012

12 weeks and they think it is a boy!

Last week I had my Ultrasound for the First Tri-mester Screening/NT Scan. It was a very mixed emotions day. It seems my NT Measurement (for those that do not know what I am talking about it is a measurement they do to screen for Downs Syndrome and other disorders) was out of normal limits. It should be less then 3mm. Mine as right on the boarder at 3.1. So I have to go back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound to see how the baby's heart looks.

The happy news we got at this ultrasound was that the baby is a boy! That is very exciting. I knew it was a boy. I have felt different from the day I found out I was pregnant. I was dizzy for at least the first week of this pregnancy and never felt that way with Madelyn.

The pregnancy is going well. I feel sick about every two hours unless I eat something and I am very tired. I really feel like I need a nap most days but of course can never take on. I just go to bed at about 9pm now.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Turning two years old!

My big girl is turning two on Sunday. I can not believe it. It seems to have gone by so fast, but at the same time, I sort of can't remember life with out her. She is just so much fun, and all time consuming, lol.

I have some big news on my mind. Just a few days a go I got a positive pregnancy test!! I am cautiously optimistic because it is so early, but I can not help my joy. :) If all is fine, our second baby will be born in Mid August. August 15th was the official due date the Doctor gave to me. We have our first ultra sound on Dec 29th, so if you are reading this, please keep this info off of facebook, but keep me in your prays that everything is ok.

Below is one of Madelyn's 2nd Birthday Portraits that I took of her two weeks before her bday.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Fotos :)

My favorite time of the year is finally here...FALL! It is also gone in about 3 weeks, so I am making a point at taking some pictures of Madelyn during this beautiful time in upstate New York.

I took Madelyn to a farm in Kinderhook, NY called Samascott Orchards. It is a beautiful farm. There was no crowds and therefore, no people in the background of this beautiful setting to distract.

When we arrived to the farm they come up to your car and hand you a map to the orchard. You take your car right up to the Pumpkin Patch, or Apples if that is what you are there for. On your way out they check your car and weigh whatever you want to purchase.

This is a "no frills" sort of farm. I mean there is no hay ride, petting zoo, or playgrounds, but if you are looking for picturesque, then this is the place. Madelyn and I were in and out of the orchard in about 20 minutes, but that was mostly because she thought it was funny to run away from me, and into any mud puddle she could find.

Fall is such a nostalgic time of the year for me. It remind me of growing up and all our trips to Fall Festivals and Pumpking Picking, and it also now remind me of our beautiful wedding 4 years ago on October 20th 2007, outside at Innisfree Garden. It also reminds me how much things have changed in our lives in these past 4 years, and how blessed we are for all we have.

Happy Fall to all of you that read this!

Friday, June 24, 2011

18 Months!

First Hair Cut!

Madelyn is now 18 months and I totally slacked on keeping up with the blog. I was to busy enjoying life. I am not going to try and recap the last year, but just pick up with how fun it is to have an 18 month old!

I just recently took a new job and we switched daycares so that was a big transition for the whole family. She was going to a huge daycare facility in Poughkeepsie, NY called Cinnamon Tree, and I really love it. She was in the infant room and had been with the same teachers since she was 8 weeks old. I interviewed about 4 different places and settled on Best Friends Family Day Care in Valatie, and I couldn't be happier. They only take kids from one year old and up, so she is the "baby" of the group. I think being around the older kids and kids that are around 2 years old has been alot of fun for her, and socially is helping her get out of her stage of hating "strangers".

One thing I really like about this daycare was that their menu was also all homemade, and such a great variety. This kid is eating better the me these days, lol. She is loving turkey tetrazzini, homemade cinnamon muffins, blueberries, and all sorts of new things that I might not have thought she would have liked.

Madelyn also got her first hair cut recently! She needed it so bad, and I am so glad I finally did it. I was so nervous about it, but the lady did it in like 5 minutes, and Madelyn just sat on my lap eating goldfishies.

We just booked our trip to Sesame Place for next month, and I can't wait for her to meet Elmo! That just might have to be my next post. If any of you who read this have been to Sesame Place, I'd love to hear your experience!

Monday, August 23, 2010

8 Months Old

8 months

You turned 8 months on the 11th, and almost immediately you were saying “mama” and have 2 teeth coming in! I noticed while I was feeding you the two middle teeth were coming in almost together. I can not wait to see your beautiful smile with teeth. Although, we happen to think your “no teeth” face is very funny too.

The fact that you say mama now just melts my heart, and over the last few days you just started to say baba now too. I can’t imagine what you will say next. We will see!

You are almost crawling now. You basically are crawling, but only do about 2 crawls before you decide to stop, sit up or roll over. I bet by the end of the week you are really moving.

Last weekend we went to Lindsay’s 4th birthday party. You were a good girl, and looked so cute in the chef themed party attired.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug 7-9 2010

So, Mommy and Daddy went to Ryan's Wedding this past Saturday in NJ. Your Nanny, Nana, and Aunt Bonnie watched you and they had a wonderful time. They said you were "perfect". For some reason whenever we seemed to go to Carmel or see them since you were born, you seemed to be having a fussy day and cried alot. They finally got to enjoy you and see the happy baby that I told them you were.

You went to Walmart with them, and then out to Applebees. They even gave you a tubby.

This was my first night with out you since you were born. I missed you alot. It was also nice for Mommy and Daddy to have a night out though. Ryan and Olivia's Wedding was right on the Hudson over looking the Manhattan Skyline. We drank, danced, ate and had a beautiful hotel room for the night.

On Sunday when we got home, I put you in a dress that Trish gave to us. It is Pink with roses on it and a matching hat. We sat out in the yard on a blanket and you played with your toys while mommy took beautiful pictures of you. Rowan wore that dress on her 1st birthday, for her birthday party. It really means alot to me, that they gave us the dress and that you got to wear it while it was still warm enough to wear dresses. You are a big girl. You turn 8 months on Wednesday and this dress is a size 18 months and basically fit you perfectly.

The picture I took tonight is of you biting your activity gym mat. You basically bite everything right now, but still no teeth.



8/7/10 At Ryan's Wedding in NJ.

Friday, August 6, 2010

You are growing up so fast. You look more like a "little girl" then a baby lately. You are about to crawl anyday now and when we put you up to the couch can stand and support yourself.

This weekend is going to be the very first night I spend without you. Mommy and Daddy are going to Daddy's friend Ryan's Wedding in New Jersey. I am going to miss you so much. The upside of it is, you will get to spend the weekend with you Nanny, Nana and Aunt Bonnie. They are coming to our house and spending the night tomorrow. I think you are going to have fun with all of them, and they are just going to love every minute of you.

Just a side note about the above picture. Our Chihuahua Ozzie has never bit anyone and we were right there as we watched Oz, just growl at Madelyn pulling her tail.