Madelyn and her Mommy

Madelyn and her Mommy
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug 7-9 2010

So, Mommy and Daddy went to Ryan's Wedding this past Saturday in NJ. Your Nanny, Nana, and Aunt Bonnie watched you and they had a wonderful time. They said you were "perfect". For some reason whenever we seemed to go to Carmel or see them since you were born, you seemed to be having a fussy day and cried alot. They finally got to enjoy you and see the happy baby that I told them you were.

You went to Walmart with them, and then out to Applebees. They even gave you a tubby.

This was my first night with out you since you were born. I missed you alot. It was also nice for Mommy and Daddy to have a night out though. Ryan and Olivia's Wedding was right on the Hudson over looking the Manhattan Skyline. We drank, danced, ate and had a beautiful hotel room for the night.

On Sunday when we got home, I put you in a dress that Trish gave to us. It is Pink with roses on it and a matching hat. We sat out in the yard on a blanket and you played with your toys while mommy took beautiful pictures of you. Rowan wore that dress on her 1st birthday, for her birthday party. It really means alot to me, that they gave us the dress and that you got to wear it while it was still warm enough to wear dresses. You are a big girl. You turn 8 months on Wednesday and this dress is a size 18 months and basically fit you perfectly.

The picture I took tonight is of you biting your activity gym mat. You basically bite everything right now, but still no teeth.



8/7/10 At Ryan's Wedding in NJ.

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