Madelyn and her Mommy

Madelyn and her Mommy
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Now I am 7 weeks again

On Friday I had a follow up appointment with the dr to go over my sonogram and blood work and have an exam. Everything went well. They did tell me that based on the measurements of the baby that I was not as far along as first though. I changed the ticker on the right to the correct date, but left the one below as the original for now.

My new due date is 12/20/09. It is very exciting. It is the same date as my sister's birthday.

As a side note, since I have become pregnant, here are some things I have learned about when a friend/coworker/family member/stranger, tells you that they are pregnant. It is shocking how many people think it is ok to ask, "Was it planned?", "Was it a surprise?". Even worse someone at work said "I can't picture it, YOU with a baby." They obviously thought that they knew me and don't because anyone who knows me well does not have this opinion of me. Anyway, in the future if someone tells you they are having a baby, just say congrats, and how wonderful it is.


  1. the stupid comments never end!!!

    congratulations on making it to 7 weeks, again.

  2. hahah...i love the comments. You should just start walking around telling people youre preggo to get some ridiculous comments. Some funny ones would probably include:

    "so what are you, like 8 months already?"
    "does the father know?"
    "I hope he has a good looking father"
    "let's get a beer to celelbrate!"
    "which sperm bank did you use?"

    All joking aside... people are idiots.

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