Madelyn and her Mommy

Madelyn and her Mommy
365 days of photos

Sunday, August 1, 2010

2. Jumperoo 8/1/2010

Madelyn has finally started to enjoy her Jumperoo for longer then 10 minutes. I swear she could have stayed in it for an hour today if we let her.

Josh put chicken on the grill for dinner and I made the sides while Madelyn entertained herself in the Jumperoo watching Baby Einstein on DVD. I highly recommend the series to new moms if you want to get anything done while your little one is less then a year old.

Here is day 2 of my 365 Challenge.

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  1. I seen you were doing the 365 challenge on the bump! Best of luck! You have a beautiful little girl!

    Im attempting the 365 challenge as well!